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The European social dialogue and the development of the solidarity between generations of workers: focus on “over 55” and young workers in the finance sector. Sustainable Growth and generation gap

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Basic documentation

25/06/2019 Upskilling adults, European policy by CEDEFOP (LUCIANO MALVOLTI)
25/06/2019 Intergenerational solidarity in the bank, by IODICE FIRST-CISL (LUCIANO MALVOLTI)
29/01/2019 The EU SD Framework Agreement on Ageing and Solidarity_Iodice First-Cisl (LUCIANO MALVOLTI)
29/01/2019 The Challenge of Age Management_Iodice First-Cisl (LUCIANO MALVOLTI)
16/05/2018 The Project, Presentation by PM Sara Barberotti First Cisl (LUCIANO MALVOLTI)
16/05/2018 Active Ageing & Intergenerational Solidarity, a Study by SODEXO (LUCIANO MALVOLTI)