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Steering Group Meetings

Steering Group Meetings
Nascondi dettagli perHelsinki 24 July 2018Helsinki 24 July 2018
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23/08/2018 Helsinki 24 July 2018
Nascondi dettagli perkick-off Athenskick-off Athens
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23/03/2018  WEB Tools Presentation, MALVOLTI (WLM Project, Web Tools Presentation, MALVOLTI.pdf)
23/03/2018  Legislative Background, IODICE (Legislative Background, IODICE.pdf)
23/03/2018  Presentation of Working Groups Tasks, VINCIGUERRA (Presentation of Working Groups tasks, VINCIGUERRA.pdf)
23/03/2018  The Project, Presentation by pm LEDDA (The Project, Presentation by pm LEDDA.ppt)
04/04/2017  GREECE, Work-Life Balance and P&M Issue (GREECE, Work-Life Balance and P&M Issues_Vana Georgakopoulou OTOE 01-2017.ppt)
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23/03/2018  Pic1 (Athens, pic1.jpg)
Nascondi dettagli perSeville 1-2 March 2018Seville 1-2 March 2018
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23/03/2018  Conciliation & Flexibility, IODICE (Conciliation & Flexibility, IODICE.pdf)
23/03/2018  THE KNOWLEDGE Training Course, Evaluation by VINCIGUERRA ('THE KNOWLEDGE' Training Course, Evaluation by VINCIGUERRA.pdf)
23/03/2018  THE CHANGE Training Course, Proposals by MASCIALE ('THE CHANGE' Training Course, Proposals by MASCIALE.pdf)
23/03/2018  WLM Online Survey, First Evaluation by PATERLINI (WLM Online Survey, First Evaluation by PATERLINI.ppt)
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23/03/2018  Pic1 (Seville, UNIA pic2.jpg)
Nascondi dettagli perStrasbourg 22 September 2017Strasbourg 22 September 2017
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23/03/2018  Steering Group Meeting Minutes, MASIELLO (Steering Group Meeting, Minutes MASIELLO.pdf)
23/03/2018  Forum Area, Midterm Report MALVOLTI (WLM Project, Midterm Forum Area Report, MALVOLTI.pdf)
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23/03/2018  Pic1 (IMG_9083.jpg)