The questionnaire aims at gathering information on the level of workers’ satisfaction with respect to company welfare, based on country, age, gender, professional role and family situation.

Evaluation and statistical data will help design organizational and educational choices and will allow us to analyse welfare needs in the European finance and metal sectors.

The questionnaire is completely ANONYMOUS. The system used by FIRST CISL acquires the answers without any identification of the respondent. The collected data will be processed in an aggregated way, in order not to allow in any way to trace, even indirectly, the identity of the person who completes the questionnaire.

Please fill in this questionnaire according to the instructions for each question.

Thank you for your contribution!

*Mandatory fields

Defining a company welfare system through the joint action of EWCs and Trade Unions in the metal and finance sectors: The key role of workers' participation rights” -VS/2018/0037